Gadget Geeks: Like a TV show, but starring yours truly

Gadget Geeks: Like a TV show, but starring yours truly

I’m filming a TV show for Sky 1.

Before you ask — no, I haven’t blown a TV executive. Nor have I done a ‘Guy Goma’ and accidentally stumbled into the wrong studio at the wrong time.

What I have done is spent nearly a decade of my life making oft-janky, low-budget Web videos talking about everything from computer games to laptops to cars and popping up as a talking head “expert” on your favourite — or least favourite TV and radio shows.

Finally, after saturating the Internet with me, me, and a teensy bit more me, someone’s taken notice. Bullseye TV, the production firm behind the Brainiac series (which started the Tav career of one Richard Hammond), World’s worst weather and — worryingly — Eating with cannibals — got in touch to see if I’d like to audition for a new TV show on Sky One.

I did, and after months of screen tests, I got the gig.

The gig, I should elaborate, is to co-star in Gadget Geeks — a prime time programme that will be a direct rival to Channel 5′s The Gadget Show.

While there will, of course be similarities between our show and that of our rivals, there are big differences. Firstly, In Gadget Geeks, for example, we won’t tell you what gadgets you should be buying — we’ll tell you. Every week, an ordinary punter will come to our studio with a tech-related problem. The Geeks will then show them a series of options to solve that problem and devise a series of tests to help the punter decide, for themselves, which is the best for their needs.

There is a twist, however. If no suitable gadget exists on the market, we’ll do the only honourable thing: we’ll build it. From scratch.

It’s a hugely exciting project that will definitely entertain and inform anyone thats even remotely involved in gadgets and technology.

The show will air early 2012 on Sky One and Sky One HD.

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