Gadget Geeks kicks off Monday Jan 16th on Sky 1 HD

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For the last few months, I’ve been busy filming a TV show called Gadget Geeks. When we started shooting more than five months ago, I wasn’t allowed to tell anyone when the show would air or exactly what it would feature, but now the shackles are off and it’s time to spill the beans.

Gadget Geeks will air every Monday at 8pm on Sky 1 HD in the slot that used to be occupied Steven Spielberg’s highly popular Terra Nova  (no pressure there, then). In it, I play Rory Reid, debonair superhero and sometimes technology expert (the superhero bit is a lie, but anyone that says I’m not suave is asking for a fight). My main powers are solving people’s gadget problems and blowing things up. I star alongside fellow journalists Ian Morris and Emma Barnett, and inventors Colin Furze, Charles Yarnold and Tom Scott.

The premise of the show is pretty simple. Every week, members of the general public will step nervously into our studio to present us with a technology quandary. If it’s a problem that can be solved with an off-the-shelf gadget, the reviews team (Ian, Emma and myself) will show them a selection of suitable gadgets and take them somewhere to test said gadgets to figure out which is best for them. If their dilemma can’t be solved with a gadget that exists, Charles, Tom and Colin will invent and build them a gadget from scratch.

When you watch it, you’ll discover it’s very different to that other gadget show, y’know, The Gadget Show. Don’t take my word for it, though. Tune in every Monday at 8 . The show’s also repeated on Saturday at 7pm on Sky2 and Sunday at 3pm on Sky1 so you have no excuse to miss it. Unless you don’t have Sky, of course.

While you wait, have a gander at this trailer of the reviews team in action.

GADGET GEEKS REVIEWS HD from Bullseye Productions on Vimeo.

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We have lift off!

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Sup, y’all?!

I have good news and bad news. The bad news is I made a blog! Sorry — it’s not like the world doesn’t have enough already.

But the good news is, unlike most personal blogs, I’ll try to avoid boring you shitless with mundane ramblings about what sort of breakfast I had today (none, I like to maximise every sleeping second) or what colour socks I’m wearing (one’s white, the other’s a slightly different sort of white and is a bit tight, so it might actually belong to a girl, in case you’re wondering).

Instead, I’m going to use this blog a sort of metaphorical, Web-based bucket into which I’ll vomit my thoughts and tell you about the coolest stuff that happens in my life. Some of it will be about my work (I test cars and consumer technology), and some of it might even be about stuff that actually matters — like love, life and whether leprechauns actually exist (minus the bit about leprechauns).

Anyway — read it if you like. Or don’t. Whatever.

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My old showreel

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I do a lot of standing around in front of a camera. Often, someone bothers pushing the record button and sometimes I’ll do and say things of vague interest — or so I hear.

Once, to help me remember a few of these occasions, I made what some might refer to as a showreel. I, personally, wouldn’t go as far as calling it that — it’s far too long and features too many lingering shots of me spinning through the air in zero gravity (so what, it was cool) but if you fancy seeing some of my antics and you’ve got a couple of minutes spare, there hit the damn play button and prepare to be Rory-entated.

Rory Reid’s Showreel from Rory Reid on Vimeo.

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